What is a NSA?

The Cotonou Agreement signed in 2000 defines Non State Actors (NSA) as those players from the private sector, economic and social partners –including trade unions- and civil society in all its diversity according to national characteristics. A common feature lies in their independence from the State and the voluntary basis upon which they have come together to act and promote common interests.

For the purpose of the Action, this includes organizations of diaspora or/and migrants, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations or networks, research or academic institutions, community or faith-based organizations.

Below you will find the Calls for Proposals (CfP) for each of the five ACP regions covered by the ACP-EU Migration Action after the unrestricted call is published on our website. If your organisation is legally authorised to operate in an ACP country, we invite you to check this list of ACP Countries per region and to follow to the correspondent page below when available for more information on how to apply to our Non-State Actor facility.